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General Admission Guidelines

General Admission Guidelines


1.1  Admission Policies

         Admission to La Salle Academy will highly depend on the availability of slots.

         Transferees into the grade 5 and 6 levels will not be admitted.

         Applicants into the undergraduate level who satisfy the admission requirements and meet the 

            following conditions will have the chance to be admitted:

           1. Satisfactory rating in the admission test

           2. An academic average grade of not less than 80% with a satisfactory grade in the deportment.

           3. Former pupil who transferred to another school for academic and disciplinary reasons has no guarantee of  re-admission.

           4. Foreign students will be admitted only if they comply with the admission requirements.

1.2 For Grade 7 – Grade 10

         Admission to La Salle Academy depends on the available number of slots and on the applicant’s rating in the entrance exams.

         No irregular student will be admitted. Irregular students are high school students who have at least 1 unit failure during the enrollment                time.

         Applicants must have no grade below 80% in any subject and with  a satisfactory grade in deportment. 

         No transferee into the third year and fourth year high school will be admitted. 

         A former student who transferred to another school for academic or disciplinary reasons has no guarantee of readmission.

         A student must pass the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) to be admitted to high school.  A student who will not pass the SEP will                  be placed under Academic Probation for one school year.

1.3 For Grade 11

        Admission to La Salle Academy Senior High School will highly depend on the availability of slots.

        Applicants coming from other schools must be able to meet all admission requirements before they can take the admission and                           placement tests.

        All Grade 10 students, either coming from La Salle Academy or from other schools, shall take the tests.

        Applicants who satisfy the academic requirements and pass the admission and placement tests have the chance to be admitted.

        Placement test result will be the basis for the applicant’s track and strand including the NCAE test results.  The purpose of this is to                     make sure that the students are placed at the right track and strand according to their capabilities.

        Only the top 3 Night High School students are given the privilege to choose any track or strand they would like to enroll in with the                     given tuition fee discount.

        Night High School Grade 10 students who wish to take up another track aside from the Technical-Vocational and Livelihood Education                 track shall pay the regular tuition and fees of the chosen track.