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The Brothers House Program

The Brothers House Program

The whole community of La Salle Academy is divided into four Brothers’ Houses named after the four Lasallian Brothers: House of St. Br. Benilde, House of St. Br. Jaime, House of St. Br. Miguel, and the House of St. Br. Mutien Marie. With the goal of making a big family even smaller, each of the Brothers’ Houses creates programs and activities geared towards the realization of this goal. At the end of the year, the house with the highest number of points garnered for the entire school year is awarded the House Cup Championship.

                Employees and students are sorted into the four Brothers’ Houses. Once sorted into a particular house, they become members of that house forever because membership to the house is lifetime; thus, nobody is allowed to transfer from one house to another.

                THE FOUR HOUSES: The House is the most important “building block” of the program. Embodied by all its adult and young members, it is anticipated that affable acquaintances are widely encouraged, quality relationships are developed and deepened, the House identity is owned, and collaboration or cooperation is the preferred way to accomplish tasks. Membership into the House is done through the House Sorting Activity at the beginning of the year, particularly among the grade school classes, the frosh and student-transferees including newly-hired full time teachers and support staff.

The school could have chosen to use Gryffindor or Slytherins or even names of Philippine heroes like Rizal or Bonifacio, but it wanted to give “airtime” to the Lasallian Saints whose inspiring stories would be collecting dust in the bookshelves if the school did not pay tribute to them through the Brothers House Program. It is in their honor then that this Brothers House Program was instituted in. In the different meaningful activities held each year, these sons of St. John Baptist De La Salle who dedicated themselves in the ministry of educating the young are remembered.




1. Go beyond the traditional borders, between adults and the youth and across the grade/year level or department.

2. Acquaint as many members with each other.

3. Build up among all members the ownership of the House identity which is  based on the Lasallian values.

4. Encourage each member to seize the opportunities to develop self-confidence, talents, and skills.



  1. House Sorting
  2. House Acquaintance Party
  3. House Feast Day
  4. Ultimate FrisbeHouse Cup
  5.  Palarong Pinoy Games
  6.  Bowling
  7.  House Trivia Challenge