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House of ST. BR. BENILDE

House of ST. BR. BENILDE

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Updated: February 15, 2017

Official Colors:  Yellow and Orange

Official Mascot:  Dragon


Fondly called as the House of “Ben,” the name assumed was from St. Br. BenildeRomancon (1805-1862), who was noted for his spirit of prayer and charity, and he also distinguished himself by showing great wisdom in leading his confreres, and counseling both students and their parents in Christian living.  The official House mascot is the mythical fire - breathing, flying dragon.  In many Eastern and Native American cultures dragons were, and in some Cultures still are, revered as representative of the primal forces of nature and the universe. They are associated with wisdom—often said to be wiser than humans—and longevity. In some cultures, they are said to be capable of human speech. They are also said to be able to talk to all animals. The primary color representation of the House is yellow.  Yellow is a bright, cheerful color, often associated with happiness and peace. The secondary color is orange. Like yellow, orange is bright and cheerful.