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House of ST. BR. MIGUEL

House of ST. BR. MIGUEL

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Updated: February 15, 2017

Official Colors: Brown and Black

Official Mascot: Tiger


Fondly called the House of “Migz,” the name assumed was from St. Br. Miguel Febres Cordero (1854 1910), who was an outstanding scholar due to his prolific production of textbooks and writings on literature and the natural sciences, and he was noted also as an “epitome of kindness and affability. ”The official House mascot is the tiger. Tigers (Pantheratigris) are mammals of the Felidae family. They are apex predators and the largest feline species in the world. Strength, cunning, and courage are the admirable traits of the tiger. The primary color representation of the House is black. Black is not a color, strictly speaking. It is the absence of all colors. It then denotes mystery, providing a sense of potential and possibility. It is also associated with power, elegance and formality. The secondary color is brown. It is the color of the earth, thus implying love for the environment like the color green. Some shades of brown create a warm, comfortable feeling of wholesomeness, naturalness and dependability.