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“Let it be resolved that each institution, according to its capacity and culture, exert all possible means to expand its scholarship programs and set the recommended target goal of an equivalent of 20% of the school’s population on full scholarship grants by the year 2011, and that the majority of grantees shall be from economically disadvantaged sectors.” (Lasallian Family Convocation 2.6)


These scholarships are a great opportunity for grade and high school students to receive the education and training they need at little or no cost.  The available scholarships may cover up to 100% of a student’s tuition and school fees or a specific amount to be used toward the completion of a Basic Education.


Types of Scholarships offered:

1. Sponsored/ ONE La Salle Scholarship - This will provide scholarships to financially disadvantaged but deserving students whose tuition      and     fees are being sponsored by private individuals or group/batches/classes, companies, government, etc.

2. Academic - This will provide scholarships to students who excel in academics.

3. Athletic - This will provide scholarships to students who excel in sports.

4. Brothers and Sisters’ Discount - This will provide scholarships to students whose families have three (3) or more children enrolled at                   LSA.


1.   Passed the LSA admission and scholarship examinations.

2.   Morally upright.

For more information about La Salle Academy’s Scholarship Program, please contact Development, External and Alumni Relations Office (DEARO)  by telephone at (063) 221-3203 local 36 or e-mail at t.yu@lsa.ph to receive details and scholarship applications.

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